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"What are your favourite Carrie/Brody videos?"

I ask this to my followers. And maybe we can make a couple of music videos post? Send away the suggestions, followers.

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Day 01: The ship
Day 02: Hugs
Day 03: Kisses
Day 04: Favorite moment
Day 05: Sad moments
Day 06: A song that reminds you of them
Day 07: Least favorite moment
Day 08: When you started shipping them
Day 09: Friendship moments
Day 10: Whatever you want

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"“It’s a tragic love story(…). She fall in love with her quarry and he fall in love with his hunter.”
- Howard Gordon"

I love this quote.

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"my guess is that after the whole fiasco, Brody told his family about his affair, as a mean to regain their trust"

It’s possible. 

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"To answer desirabledreams question, Jess did put two and two together. She was suspicious when Carrie showed up at Tom Walker's funeral/memorial, and then her suspicions were pretty much confirmed when Carrie showed up at their house early in the morning to tell Brody Tom Walker is still alive... She's not stupid. Brody and Carrie has electrifying chemistry that is hard to be ignored."

So, it is explained.

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"can we submit photos ?"

I can’t answer this because I’m not the only moderator, but if you do, we can decide and post. 

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"I don't remember a particular scene, either. I think she just put two and two together."

This is what I remember.

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"I've just started watching Homeland and am now at the beginning of the second season, so I don't want to read any spoilers and wikis and stuff. But I have a question.. How and when did Jessica find out about Brody's affair with Carrie? She says something about it in one of the last few episodes of season one and then again in the season two premiere but I can't remember when she found out.. Can you tell me? ;) I'd love to know and this way seems like "my only chance" to find out. ;)"

I don’t remember a scene. I think she just put two and two together. Anyone?

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"This blog = perfection <3 Carrie-Brody forever!!!"

Such a complicated duo. But don’t we all love them? And your icon is REALLY attractive ;)

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"I love the pair carrie/brody and I really do hope they get together again! I think brody deserves a second chance and so does carrie. They love each other, despite all that has happened... Congrats on the tumblr! Loved it"

Thank you very much. We are rooting for them as well.

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